The Westside Food Collaborative is a Neighbourhood Food Network of community members and organizations working in just and sustainable food systems on Vancouver’s Westside.



Food security on the Westside kept arising as an important issue at our monthly service providers meetings. In the spring of 2006, members of that group began to meet for the sole purpose of exploring food security on the west side. It soon became apparent that service providers and community members were keenly interested in networking and collaborating on this issue.



Everyone on the west side of Vancouver will have secure access to adequate amounts of safe, nutritious, culturally appropriate food, produced in an environmentally sustainable way and provided in a manner that promotes human dignity.


The Work

We support community capacity building to address the issue of food security.

We encourage and promote groups, resources and programs that the community identifies as directly contribuiting to food security.

We bring together those who are concerned about food security; representatives from agriculture, health, food program delivery, community economic development, economic and political fronts. From the grassroots to policy makers, we network, collaborate and share information about food security in our community.

We invite guests to share information about existing resources or needs in our community.

We create opportunities to educate ourselves about current resources and issues related to food security.

We create opportunities to educate others about food security.


What is a Neighbourhood Food Network?

To learn more about and contact the network closest to you, download the brochure with a directory and map of Neighbourhood Food Networks.