Food security occurs when all people at all times have access to enough food that:

  • is affordable, safe and healthy
  • is culturally appropriate
  • meets specific dietary needs
  • is obtained in a dignified manner
  • is produced in ways that are environmentally sound and socially just

Food is at the centre of our lives. From our production to our consumption and everything in between, food involves many of the most important cultural, social and economic activities of our society.   Here at Kits House, we have connected with other Westside organizations and community members to bring people together around food.  By having a strong group of people working towards improving food security on the Westside, we feel that we can make an impact in improving food security for our neighbours.

Food security is not an issue of poverty.  Food security affects all of us in some way or another.  For this reason, it is important we all get involved; take control, put the power back into the hands of our community, learn something new about where our food comes from and begin to push the food system towards something more sustainable.

The Westside Food Collaborative partners work on initiatives to help increase food security from the bottom up, involving the whole community along the way.